Malpractice Psychiatrist | PTSD Treatment


Malpractice Psychiatrist, PTSD Treatment, Washington DCAttorneys for both Defendants and Plaintiffs often consult Dr. Crowley for consultation, case review, professional opinion, and, where appropriate, expert witness testimony in cases of alleged medical malpractice with a psychiatric dimension.  He has qualified as an expert in federal courts, courts martial, and the courts of a number of states.

Attorneys are invited to call or email for a preliminary case discussion  to determine whether Dr. Crowley may be the right expert for the case at hand.

He has special experience in:  PTSD; Suicide; Hospital and Outpatient treatment standards, and well as in professional ethics and standards of conduct.

His forensic practice is national in scope, and Dr. Crowley is available for travel to meet the needs of suitable cases.

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