Dr. Brian Crowley M.D. | APA ELECTION 2012-2013

APA ELECTION 2012-2013

Position Statement Area 3 Election 2012-13

Written in fall 2012, to APA Colleagues in Area 3 (PA, NJ, DE, MD, DC and Northern VA):

Election season is upon us again. I am running for a second term as Area 3 Trustee, your representative on the Board of Trustees of the American Psychiatric Association.

Area Trustees are eligible to serve two terms, of three years each, and many do so. My opponents are both good men. But this is not the time to change horses in mid stream. It takes time to become an effective member of the APA Board of Trustees. I have been serving you in that post for two and a half years now, and am becoming increasingly effective.

At present, I have become a meaningful voice on the Board of Trustees. I am particularly proud of two accomplishments.

  1. In March I led a successful initiative to “reset” the relationship of the Board’s Executive Committee to the full Board. For the first months of my service as Area 3 Trustee, I was troubled by the practice that -- as stated on the Board’s agenda for each meeting -- the Executive Committee’s reports to the full Board were “for information only.” While our Executive Committee (EC) properly exercises the delegated authority to act for the full Board in between Board meetings, it seemed to me that, like any committee report, the EC’s report should be submitted to the full Board for its consideration and action-- as are all other committee reports, including for example those from the DSM-5 committees.  The authority, and fiduciary responsibility, of our Association are vested in the Board of Trustees, not in its Executive Committee, and we were in danger of drifting into oligarchy.I suggested we change the procedure so that the EC would report on its activities to the full Board at each meeting “for review and appropriate action.” My initiative was held over until the second day of our Board meeting – during which interval it picked up increasing support. When it came on for consideration the next day under new business, after discussion my motion was agreed to by the full Board essentially without objection. I am proud of this achievement – and proud of the fact that I was able to accomplish it without generating hard feelings. I want to continue to work for you, and for our Association, for the next three years.
  2. In the weeks leading up to the Board’s approval of DSM-5, I was able, working with colleagues, to modulate some of the more problematic proposals for change.

The positions I took when I ran for Area 3 Trustee three years ago were followed by action after you elected me. I campaigned for restoring the components, which had been decimated in a time of cost-cutting—and for a new, ethical, and mutually rewarding relationship with the pharmaceutical industry—rather than throwing the baby out with the bathwater in an overreaction to correct past improprieties. (See my 2009-10 campaign statements on my website, www.briancrowleymd.com.)A few of the eliminated components have been restored—likely more need to be-- and I will work to create more opportunities for young members to serve and move up on components in the future. The APA is now exploring new, ethical, and mutually rewarding ways of working with Pharma and other industry, avoiding the conflicts of the past. An outstanding example is the Pipeline Summit this spring in which the APA Foundation gathered all stakeholders to consider the slowdown in development of new psychotropic drugs.

Each time an Area 3 APA member has asked for my assistance, I have provided quality “constituent service.” I hope more of you will ask me for help should you honor me with your vote to continue serving as your Trustee for the coming three years.

I ask for your continuing support, and your vote for a second term, when the voting begins on January 2.

And I welcome the opportunity to discuss any matter at any time with my APA colleagues in Area 3. My phone is 202-537-3300, and my email address is [email protected].

Very Respectfully,


Brian Crowley, M.D., D.L.F.A.P.A.

Area 3 Trustee


February 22, 2013 : APA announced that Brian Crowley, M.D., had been re-elected Area 3 Trustee

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