Brian Crowley, M.D. for Treasurer of APA in 2018 Election

Dear Colleague,

I ask for your vote for Treasurer of APA.  One project I will give immediate attention to:

ABOLISH MOC (Maintenance of Certification) in Psychiatry.  It is wasteful of our time, money, and energy, and is not evidence-based.

Return to Lifelong Learning and CMEs.  MOC should either be abolished or made much less expensive and less onerous for members.

In six years of prior service on the Board of Trustees (Area 3 Trustee, 2010-2016) I developed valued relationships, gained respect for my work, and  experience in getting things done.

My very broad background in psychiatry helps me understand the concerns of members in most settings.

I trained in psychoanalysis,  then learned cognitive techniques, kept up in psychopharmacology and have maintained a private solo office practice half-time for decades.

I have also worked in:

  • Community Mental Health Centers
  • General Hospital Psychiatric Unit, chairing our local hospital's department
  • State Forensic Hospitals, chairing release hearings
  • Partial Hospital Programs, developing with others the first private one in the DC area
  • Military Hospitals, treating returning warriors individually and in group programs
  • Teaching.  Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry, USUHS; won APA’s Roeske Award for Excellence in Medical Student Education
  • Forensic private practice in Washington, DC, area, ranging widely from security clearances to testamentary and contractual capacity in the elderly to civilian testimony in Courts Martial.  Served on AAPL’s Executive Council from 2007 to 2010
  • Research.  PTSD in motor vehicle accidents; collaborative care study (STEPS UP) bringing enhanced psychiatric services to returning warriors at six active-duty military sites
  • My APA Service includes six years (2010-2016) on Board of Trustees as Area 3 Trustee, during which I learned how the Board works and how to get things done; ten years on Council on Psychiatry and Law;  long-time leadership in Washington Psychiatric Society including serving as president and chair of ethics committee.
  • I've been Treasurer of: Suburban Maryland Psychiatric Society (a Chapter of WPS) 2009-2012; my general hospital's department of psychiatry (Suburban Hospital, Bethesda, MD); the medical partnership (Potomac Foundation for Mental Health) which created the first independent day hospital in the DC area.
  • Check out other pages of this website for more information on my background and service.



Voting is open online from Jan. 2 to Jan. 31.  Thank you!


Brian Crowley, MD, DLFAPA





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